Why attend?

With the fast evolution in LED, the lighting industry isn't the same as five years ago. But with IoT, LiFi, smart technology, ... it's even evolving faster. Get insides into the fast evolving lighting industry for commercial spaces and office buildings. 


Interior architects, architects, project managers, electricians, retail owners, CEO's, ...


11h30 Welcome and lunch

Opening of the afternoo

Keynote about how Lunoo and Bis Lighting see the future

See the light, feel the light, experience the light

Visit of the experience showroom
Tour of the company and assembly department


Walk and Talk 

Feel free to walk around stop by the booths of your preference. 

Smart lighting

  • Connected lighting: Light beyond illumination (Signify - Philips)
  • Smart lighting and building control with Qbus. (Qbus)

Light is not just light

  • Basics of dialux
  • See the difference between light beams
  • Colours in shops: experience what effect light colours have on products
  • Light as a service

Understanding LED

  • Understanding flicker of LED (Signify - Philips)
  • Temperature measurement of LED

Installation techniques

  • Plug-and-play installation techniques for commercial buildings and offices. (ATEM Wieland-Electric)
  • New norms in the electrical industry (ATEM Weiland-Electric)

Trends in products

  • Track lighting applications. Discover the complete product range of onetrack (230V) and multisystem (low voltage). (A.A.G. Stucchi, Italy)
  • Acoustic lighting
  • Tailor-made lighting
  • The latest Lunoo products


17.30h Drinks and bites 

 Dinner and networking


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There is no entrance fee to attempt to this event. But registration is obligated.
Please register before the 24th of September 2018.

Place to be

Lunoo NV
Wantestraat 14
BE - 8780 Oostrozebeke


If you have any questions about this event. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

Wantestraat 14
BE - 8780 Oostrozebeke
0032 676 100
BIS Lighting
Jetsesteenweg 409
BE - 1090 Jette
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